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7:12:00 PM

Sadly, my attempt at sewing a romper from pattern didn't go as planned and it's left me a little disheartened.  However, tomorrow I may just pick up a pretty fabric I like (that has a bit of stretch and drape) to make something that resembles this beauty.

It's a beautiful piece from Ruche that I discovered through A Beautiful Mess, a new blog I have been following.  It really is very cute and summer-y.

What are some of your favourite summer fashion finds this season?

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  1. This is such a pretty dress!!!

    What pattern are you using?! I really want to get back into sewing more clothes this summer. So far I've been unsuccessful. hahaha

  2. @Kait: For this I've been watching this lovely girl on youtube GinnyL, so I am going to try and fashion it by using clothes I have and draping.

    I wish you lucks with your future sewing! I'll keep you posted too.


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