Monday, September 2, 2013

hello September

Welcome cosy sweaters and changing leaves.
Fireplace stories and pouring rains.
Hearty foods from harvest past and cups of tea that never last.

I'm glad that September has finally come.  I feel like it will begin to wash away some of these gloomy thoughts I've been having.  It's weird that summer affects me so with all that sunlight.

p.s.  I recently changed my diet to a pescetarian one to help with inflammation in my joints.  I'm seeing a huge change with bloating (no bra roll anymore!) and my hands have calmed down some.  They still ache some, but maybe with time.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

year of socks: only the beginning

I began sock knitting this year, with the help of a wonderful friend.  You know who you are and just how patient you can be. :)

I started out full on with the magic loop method and two at a time socks!  I can tell you, I like going at socks this way.  I'm definitely that knitter that gets bored many a time with projects and I put them away for ages only to feel that guilt that I know some of you just understand.  *deep breath*

Thanks for sharing that wee bit of knitter's remorse with me.

We had a moment where I stumped us both after we mentioned dropping stitches (jinx much?), but then we did some crafty fixer-upper and I was well on my way.  These ones are toe up with a rounded out toe she figured out how to do ages ago while she was just beginning herself.

I'm on that 'knit them up until they reach this length' stage.  One thing to love about this project is this colourway.  I went to Lettuce Knit here in Toronto and grabbed what jumped out at me.  It's by Yummy Yarn Studio and the colourway is "Country Mouse".  How cute is that?!

What I am not pleased with so far are these needles.  Hiya Hiya sharps  2.5mm/100cm and my yarn just doesn't slip nicely over the bit connecting the wire to needle. Sigh, looks like some Addis might be in my future.

Until then I will just swoon over this colourway and anticipate wearing these over the winter months.

love love
Miss Cris

Monday, August 5, 2013

this wool

This wool has been so many things.
Imaginary things.
Disappointing things.
Pulled apart things.
Hopeful things.

I feel as if it will make me appreciate this sweater, when finished, even more.  I was very smart about this sweater this time and did a swatch and I got the right gauge on the first try!  I'm quite close to the rows where I start the arms and it makes me a little nervous, but this project will be on a bit of a standstill while I learn sock knitting soon from a dear friend.

To wistful autumn days and enjoying the last bits of summer lovelies. ♥

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

wintery days

Cold wintery days are here. Small blustering gusts of snow glitter in the air and the cold nips at my nose now.  Time for hot cocoa with little marshmallows dotting the tops, warm cosy duvets, DVD marathons on the weekends off, and knitting.  I can't wait to finish this cowl and wear it out.  I'm sure my nose will appreciate it too.

love love
Miss Cris

Thursday, August 9, 2012

constructing autumn pieces

Lately I can't stop thinking about the fun I'm going to have being hands on with my Autumn wardrobe.  This Wiksten tank pattern has been on my wish list for ages and I've already got fabric in mind.  The tank will be my practice before I use Megan Nielsen's Darling Ranges dress sew along to construct my dress right.  I think a fabric I like, but can use as a try out first would be best.  Pattern sizing isn't always my forte.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

catching up

I've spent a lot of time away from my blog lately.  Summer has been busy.  Most of the time I've had has been spent looking after my garden at mum's place and knitting.  

I plan to use my space here more to share recipes and all these projects I got going on dreaming up in my head.  Tons of sewing plans!  Up in the top right I've got Quill in progress...The wool is just the softest and thinnest wool I have used before.  I think I really like lace weight wool.

What have you been up to lately?

love love
Miss Cris

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just some things

1. these seeds, because I thought I would never find them.

2. this shirt, because I love bike riding more than anything and miss it so much.

3. this pattern, because I know as soon as I am done I'll have to wear it out some place fun.

So far this week (it's only Monday!) I've enjoyed several cups of tea, told myself to pick up that green house kit, and perhaps that kitchen scale to enjoy some of the yummy recipes Ai has posted over at her blog.  Ai inspires me so much!  I think I'll even make it to the St. Lawrence Market this upcoming Saturday before work.  Pork belly might be on the menu. 

other things:
i would really like a few pairs of these since I can't wear normal ones.
this whole post got me so excited for picnic weather!
pesto looks even more inviting thanks to this video post

love love
Miss Cris