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I find my days lately full of creativity and the drive to make everything I set my eyes upon.  This feeling always comes around in Spring when everything is new and the warmer weather approaches.  For many years now I have wanted to get my personal wardrobe mostly handmade and if money was no option I could do that.

However, this year I need to be very conscious of how much I spend and how much I make because September is not too far away and the stress of ones school's expenses is constantly looming.  It is because of that I need to remember to have more fun over the next few months.  There is so much I can do in my city that costs almost nothing!

A long time ago when I found out about Socks that Rock I purchased a skein of "Hobbit Garden" with no more intention that to make socks of it one day.  Recently, I came upon a Stephen West pattern called Dotted Rays and found it to be JUST what I needed this summer to keep the heat from my shoulders.  It was this pattern by Kristen that inspired me to cast this on without a second thought, every current project forgotten.  I found this project's notes to be very helpful too for those of you new to the i-cord cast on, like myself.  Step by step pictures go a long way!

With March coming to a close I've noticed I hardly picked up a book this month.  I took a long needed break from reading and just spent it elsewhere - Netflix, knitting, re-watching old favourite shows, and planning for the garden are just some of those things.  I'm looking forward to getting back into the mood for reading again.

I didn't entirely give up reading, but instead found a new interest for audio books!  I'm especially enjoying The Buckshaw Chronicles by Alan Bradley right now - A Red Herring Without Mustard is currently on my player.  I love a good murder mystery and they are perfect for the rainy weather that is headed our way.

With Spring in the air I have a horrible itch to finally sew up a nice dress or two and thanks to the lovely Lizzy House mentioning the Cabin Dress Pattern I have found my next new project to tackle this year.  How adorable is this one by Teresa!  That plaid!  Oh I love a good pattern with pockets!

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  1. I have always been so jealous of how many books you get through. It takes me a year to get through a book if not longer simply because I can never find time to allow myself to just sit and relaax. Teach me your ways.


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