Knit, knit, knit.

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The passing of Sundays has been quite relaxing of recently.  The day is spent largely in the presence of beautifully spun yarn (the above pictured is Socks That Rock in ‘Hobbit Garden’) and the constant knit stitch.  There is something very meditative about the garter stitch.  Where I once found the unbroken rhythm of knit, knit, knit to be boring and unimaginative, I have now found solace in the loops.
Recently, I found it was time to ask for help with my anxiety.  I am still trying to find a balance from day to day, but this shawl has changed everything for me.  It has a calming, rhythmetic effect on me.  On days when I don’t feel like reading, it has been a constant companion.  It’s bulky mass tangling about in the cord of my needles, the small weight of it in my lap, and the many cups of tea that have gone cold on account of it (be at peace my sweet tea angels!).  I’m very close to the end of all the short rows.  Yes, short rows.  As if garter stitch wasn’t enough, right? ;)
I look forward to the days when I can drape it over my shoulders for a summer’s stroll and hope to carry it through autumn as a beautiful, colourful scarf.  A small keepsake to always remember to see past things and move forward.

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