year of socks: only the beginning

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I began sock knitting this year, with the help of a wonderful friend.  You know who you are and just how patient you can be. :)

I started out full on with the magic loop method and two at a time socks!  I can tell you, I like going at socks this way.  I'm definitely that knitter that gets bored many a time with projects and I put them away for ages only to feel that guilt that I know some of you just understand.  *deep breath*

Thanks for sharing that wee bit of knitter's remorse with me.

We had a moment where I stumped us both after we mentioned dropping stitches (jinx much?), but then we did some crafty fixer-upper and I was well on my way.  These ones are toe up with a rounded out toe she figured out how to do ages ago while she was just beginning herself.

I'm on that 'knit them up until they reach this length' stage.  One thing to love about this project is this colourway.  I went to Lettuce Knit here in Toronto and grabbed what jumped out at me.  It's by Yummy Yarn Studio and the colourway is "Country Mouse".  How cute is that?!

What I am not pleased with so far are these needles.  Hiya Hiya sharps  2.5mm/100cm and my yarn just doesn't slip nicely over the bit connecting the wire to needle. Sigh, looks like some Addis might be in my future.

Until then I will just swoon over this colourway and anticipate wearing these over the winter months.

love love
Miss Cris

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  1. Hi Cris! Have you tried the Addi Turbo Sock Rockets? I've gone through a lot of sock needles for magic loop and they have been my favorite.

    I just finished a Year of Socks on my blog a couple weeks ago! Enjoy your journey. :)

  2. Wow! That is cool! I love knotted socks, however I think that this is really complicated! good luck!


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