Rise and Shine

12:04:00 PM

All around me now there is the subtle sounds and hints of Spring pushing her way into my surroundings. A small, tentative whisper to Father Winter – “Get whatever you like out of your system. You’re time is nearly up.”

The sun feels warmer on my face and the chickadees chirp me awake every morning. It’s getting easier and easier to rise from my slumber every day. I feel refreshed and alert with purpose. With Miss Spring on her way there is so much to be done! Assessing the garden and figuring out what seeds to purchase, the assembly of a new seedling station to grow them indoors months ahead, and when it’s finally warmed up enough – cleaning out the garden and working up all the soil again. Time to be rid of all that grass!

The anticipation of feeling the earth between my fingertips and the smell of green things growing puts the happiest of smiles on my face and I wish we could rush right through to May and jump into the garden. However, I have a great appreciation for each tiny step it takes to get the garden bed, that this year I am happy to meditate, reflect, and learn all the way through it. This year I am a sponge and when I get too full with all I that I have learned, I hope to share it with you all.

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