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As I sit here, a cup of cocoa close at hand, I think of all the time gone by since I was last here and it seems as though so much has changed and yet, so much is the same.
I am a little bit wiser and still spend a lot of time daydreaming, but I am working hard for those dreams.

I spend a lot of my time now surrounded by books.  They drive me to a better life and place.  One of the biggest changes that came to my life this year was reaching out of my comfort zone and making (some what nerdy) Booktube videos about books.  I have such a passion for reading now and have made many new friends that have changed my life for the better.

Reading has always been a passion I have had and even now I surround myself with interesting people who also love to read.  It wasn't until last summer that I really came into an acceptance that I LOVE BOOKS.  I love being surrounded by them, whether it is my personal library, or the public.  I love the aged sweetness of a used book store and the books they sell.  I love the feel of a good, floppy, smooth edge between my fingertips as I mindlessly stroke the pages as I read.  I love to dog ear an old favourite because its my way of saying "Your mine and only mine."

I have many other loves like the garden I create with my bare hands in the spring and the feel of the earth between my fingers.  The feel of a crisp new fabric you've saved up for to use on just the right dress pattern to come along and sew.  The nearly untraceable tug of yarn through my pinky finger as I hold tension on those socks I have been working on for months and the smell of buttery lemon peel as scones bake in the over for afternoon tea (black, with a slice of ginger and smidge of honey lately).

I am glad to be back sharing in this space, even if it's only to look back on myself in the future.

Welcome to an adventure friends.

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