West Elm/Etsy pop up event

12:33:00 PM

Due to a very busy weekend with myself, I left my stitching aside and took a trip downtown for the West elm/Etsy pop up event.

Firstly, I haven't been that far on King Street before in all the years I've live in Toronto.  It's very quiet and the weather (after our thunderstorm that morning ) was beautiful.  It's motivated me more to look around that neighbourhood for a future apartment!  As I walked up the steps and into West Elm, the scene just exploded with people!  I loved how the Etsy sellers were scattered all around the store with tiny booths on top tables, bed, sofas, and shelves.

Barbara was really nice to talk to.  She even inquired about my camera and asked for my blog address.  I big hello to you if you see this! :)  I'm coming back for that pretty humpback whale pillow. 

Jennifer was such a pleasure to talk to.  She even offered to send me info about the stores she supplies to locally since the Canada Post strikes might effect shipping. 

I came home from the event with lip glosses from Sugarbush, a beautiful basil & lemon soap by Yriss, and this cute, kiytchy tea cup that west elm had. (20% off too!) After all that excitement it was a trip to Tealish for Lemon Meringue roobois tea and to a chapters Stabucks to visit a dear friend and drop off some basil to her.

What a day!

**( a note about all the other lovely sellers there that aren't mentioned: my poor camera died half way though and I couldn't snap a shot.  Please take a look at feildguided's guide to the event here: part 1/part 2.  The wooden clocks caught my eye more than once.)

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  1. WHATTT?!?! How did I not know about this!? I am so jealous and upset I missed this!! Such lovely items!!


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