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6:04:00 PM

For awhile now I have been following the adventures of some Torontonian ladies via their blogs.  I love reading about people's lives in the city I live in because it inspires me to discover my own city.

This weekend after the WE heart handmade art event, organized by Anabela of Fieldguided, I will be exploring some small shops she has featured like Robber, Bicyclette, and The Coriander Girl.  A visit to a favourite Starbucks of mine to drop off a yummy basil plant to a friend too!  Now all I have to do is try resisting this beautiful bags by Opelle.  If anyone see's this and happens to be going to the same event, please say hi! :)

I'm sure it will be a very eventful day.  I think I'll end it with a trip to Tealish for a new tea.  Look forward to a feature.

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