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8:12:00 PM

Usually, my Sundays are spent recovering from a busy Saturday out with friends, with the boyfriend, or just out and about.
For a long time I've been shopping and I see some pieces of clothing I really love because of the style, the cut, or even it's trend and I've got to have it. (I'm trying to build up my everyday wardrobe too)  Then I look at the price tag and just sigh because I know I could be more adventurous and make it at home myself!

Every Sunday I'm going to record my progress with a new project.  This week's project being a cute printed romper.  They're very popular right now in flow-y printed cotton blends.  I went with a cute light blue/teal mushroom print (quilting cotton).  You can really find some fun prints in those!  When I finish this one I hope to make one in a poly-spandex fabric without a zipper.

Wish me luck Lovelies!

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Hello Lovelies!
Thanks for taking the time to drop me something pretty.
♥ love
Miss Cris

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