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10:28:00 AM

In anticipation for my first apartment of my very own, I've been thinking about what inspires me the most for my own space.
Natural elements, vintage wares, feature walls, and uncommon book shelving.  Not too mention I dream of having my very own big, comfy chair for reading novels by lamp light.  If it rocks back and forth, it's a plus too!

Place mat by Christine from Yellow Owl Workshop (via Design*Sponge )

I think having a fun place mat like this will encourage me to eat more at a table than in front of my laptop.  How wonderful that you can learn how to make your own stamps and DIY this yourself!  

I love the idea of using some sturdy, vintage suitcases as a bed side table.  It's a rustic look that's convenient for storage too.  Can't wait go exploring for my own.

I've been in love with Ebony's blog Hello Sandwich for more than a year now.  I found out about MT Tapes because of her and I have a small collection starting up already.  I love how so takes a simple mason jar and turns it into something beautiful and handmade.  I'm not a huge fan of gorgeous vases, but more something simple like these.  To-do listed for sure!  Thanks Ebony ♥

If you've seen any other inspiring touches recently that you think I may like, send it round.  I'd love to see them!

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