Just some things

12:30:00 PM

1. these seeds, because I thought I would never find them.

2. this shirt, because I love bike riding more than anything and miss it so much.

3. this pattern, because I know as soon as I am done I'll have to wear it out some place fun.

So far this week (it's only Monday!) I've enjoyed several cups of tea, told myself to pick up that green house kit, and perhaps that kitchen scale to enjoy some of the yummy recipes Ai has posted over at her blog.  Ai inspires me so much!  I think I'll even make it to the St. Lawrence Market this upcoming Saturday before work.  Pork belly might be on the menu. 

other things:
i would really like a few pairs of these since I can't wear normal ones.
this whole post got me so excited for picnic weather!
pesto looks even more inviting thanks to this video post

love love
Miss Cris

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