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Let me just say that I, in no way, enjoy not being able to see without the care of my glasses.  I have an astigmatism.  I've had one since I was young and only recently learned that the problem is that when you blink, your eye refocuses the view.
Who knew?
Instead of cramming them into a desk and straining my eyes forever (Yes, I have done this.  Poor eleven year old me), I've embraced it.  Plus, glasses are hot.

one / two / three / four )

I found out about Warby Parker glasses through Anabela's blog Fieldguided.  I have two pairs of glasses, one of which I use.  The oversized black ones I have happen to be too tight for my head sadly.  I didn't realise until it was too late to return them. *sigh*
I'm really digging the 'Begley', number four, in midnight blue.  Perhaps I will treat myself soon to new glasses?  I certain someone I happen to love would look great in these too.  Just saying.

love love
Miss Cris

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  1. GUHH. this makes me want glasses again.

    haha funny childhood. When I was in grade 6 everyone was starting to get glasses and one of my best friends got glasses,so I wanted some. So I convinced my mom to take me to get my eyes tested.... and I failed the test on purpose. I picked out the most expensive pair of glasses. And never wore them, and the teacher noticed and sent home a letter to my mom explaining that she noticed I had glasses and never wore them. My mom told her she knew, and that I didn't actually need them and to not worry about it. She knew the whole time!! I have perfect vision! hahahahahaa. oh jeeze.


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