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I got my very own copy of Stylish Dress Book 3 in the mail this week and I've been pouring over the images and Japanese trying to figure it out.  I think I understand most of what it's asking of me for the first pattern I would like to try (pictured below).  I've added a few other pictures of my next sewing endeavours when the first one turns out. ^_^

I'm still recovering from a sudden cold I caught just yesterday (seriously?! Another nasal attack -__-;;; ), but I wanted to check out the fabrics at The Workroom.  Karyn keeps talking about them so much over twitter that I might just have to go tomorrow.

love love
Miss Cris

p.s. maybe I'll talk myself into going today? ^3^

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  1. Beautiful outfits! I especially loved the striped sweater ensemble. It looks utterly comfortable.

    1. I'm not sure if the sizing will fit me with the pants, but there is this Swedish pattern paper at The Workroom that you can baste, so I can try it out.

  2. guuuuuh!! so pretty~
    feel better :)

    1. Thanks Kait! I'm already on the path to feel much better with my room being all clean. I'll make sure to share my progress with you. ^///^


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