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I cannot begin to explain to you how grateful I am for these simple, crafty skills I have had encouraged to me by my mother and friends.  My mother taught me how to crochet when I was only eleven and this skill inspired me to finally take up learning to knit only two years ago.

I took up simple hand sewing to make my own barbie clothes because we couldn't always afford to buy the store ones. Machine sewing was taken up in my late teens to make costumes for anime conventions and now I hope to use this skill to make my own clothes this Spring and Summer.

Recently, while following make something, I found these wonderful Japanese dress books.  I hope I can get my hands on some for future projects.  They are perfect for that mori-girl living inside of me.

love love
Miss Cris

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  1. The dress book is lovely! You are so talented, Cris. I love how you always dream of possibilities.

    1. Thanks so much Rosey ^__^ I can't wait to share my progress with everyone!

      (I'm glad there is a better reply function here now ;D)


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