Tea Time Tuesday

10:54:00 AM

Anyone that knows me well, knows that I love tea.  On a day away from work I drink about ... ten cups?  Perhaps because two of them have gone cold, or because I am hopelessly addicted.

I'd like to share my passion with you.  Every Tuesday I'm going to share something wonderful about Tea.  Be it a simple review, a photo, or even a recipe.  I have some wine tea I have wanted to make a beef stew with for ages now.

Today it is just a simple adoration of a new tea I picked up from David's Tea called Dreamsicle.  This tea comes from their new Spring line of teas.  It's an organic green tea, blended with orange zest, cocoa nibs, white chocolate crumbles, and sweet stevia leaf.  It has a calm, bittersweet smell with a zing from the orange.  Once brewed (and I like to enjoy it twice, perhaps even thrice!) it has a not-too-overly-sweet taste like an orange creamsicle.  The green tea paired here is the perfect balance because I think a black would be too strong.

It's a very light and refreshing tea and I hope to make it iced once the warmer weather moves in.

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  1. haha! i was just reading about dreamsicle in eye weekly today. i use to think only be able to drink tea iced but have been changing my mind recently

  2. i love tea as well. it's actually a problem because sometimes i bring my own to other people's houses and offend them. dreamsicle is a nice name for tea, i shall have to try it out. xxx

  3. Thanks for the comments Lovelies ^_~

    @Adriana I bring my own tea to work all the time (not the biggest fan of Tazo =P)

    @rikit oh! If you have just the right tea mix for iced tea it's WONDERFUL! I especially love fruity teas iced.


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