a weekend in things

1:42:00 PM

Some things that kept me smiling this long weekend

1.  Delicious, fresh snacks.  Sharp Canadian white cheddar and gala apples.

2. This nook on my book shelf.  Origami cranes for a project, slightly forgotten.  I have too many projects in my head.  How does one empty them all out without collasping for air?

3.  The beginning of a care parcel for a friend.  Heartfelt Teabags (pumkin chai, buttered rum, and geisha plum.  All from Davids).  It's fun stitching them and smelling the tea.  Found the inspiration here.

4.  EEEEE!!!!  My new plaything, a kobo eReader.  Gosh, I am so, so, so glad I got it.  I'm still figuring her out (she's lilac on the back, so she) and she's half way done processing some new books.

Teddy likes her quite a bit.  Fast friends. 

Now....to distract him with some honey so I may read.

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