Food and why I love to eat it

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 It must be my love for food that draws me to blogs about food.  Seeing the colourful plates of scrumptious meals, snacks, and patries really inspires me to take a dive and try new things.  I'd say a grand amount of the blogs I follow share a recipe or two (or dozens!) of their favourite dishes.

Ai has days and days full of yummy dishes she photographs and eats.  I'll have to muster my courage and ask her for some recipes one day.

I found Bounjour! through Feildguided.  Though I can't eat eggs as much as they are good for me (they make me a little nauseous -__-) I can imagine this dish for brunch with a small group of friends.

I would have Irish Soda bread to searve as a sweet doughy treat.  I tried this out a few weekends ago after it was featured by Emily and added chopped dried apricots.  Forget the raisins next time!  They hurt my teeth anyways.  Although, the idea of adding a good heaping tablespoon of cinnamon to the raisins has me in a tangle.

Last, but not least, I've been a huge fan of louveciennes' breakfast series for quite some time now.  Her dishes are lustworthy.  Seeing them reminds me that I really do want to thrift more for tea cups and saucers.

I hope I have inspired you to take a peek at this lovely ladies and their tasty treats.  I am very, very excited for my weekend breakfast now.

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