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I recently bought a new purse and couldn't wait to show it off, but instead of just showing you my new grown up looking bag, why not show you what's inside too?

Top: (Left to right) Sunglasses, my hide all bag (feminine stash, body mist, floss, and that hairbrush on top)
Middle: iPod, metropass(for transit!), Totoro wallet (yes, I love this thing!), brown sugar perfume, MAC lipstick in 'lustering', Bath & Body peach lipgloss.
Bottom: Bose headphones, wrist comfort brace for work, tissues, Netrogena hand cream (I swear by this stuff), and Terry Pratchett's Colour of Magic.

I feel in love with Roots' Olivia bag and just had to use it as my treat item from my stock money.  It has just the right amount of space and pockets for me.  I like the option of having two straps.  Very versatile!  It happens to be my first real leather purse too. ^_^

Over time it will develop little scratchy marks all through the facing, but it's only the waxy covering.  Great colour for everything too, wouldn't you say?

love love
Miss Cris

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  1. First of all, your new purse is amazing. And so is the little your 'hide all bag' hahaa. How much was the bag?! I kinda want it myself! Gorgeouuussss it is. I loveThe colour, I think the colour will just make stretch marks look really neat!

  2. I love everything! You pack such an efficient bag. I need to learn from your example.

  3. I am really so in love with that lady bits pouch. And your purse! So so pretty! I'm thinking about upgrading to a proper grown up purse but ... I don't know. I so love my Harajuku Lovers purses. <3


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