Just a minute in...December

12:49:00 PM

Just a small meme I found a long time ago via Daydream Lily and have always loved. 

Reading...... Not much at the moment, which is quite sad.  Any good reccomendations?

Buying........ Quite a lot of clothes lately.  I've realised my wardrobe is all very lazy.  I own more pyjamas than anything! Tsk, tsk!

Listening........ The Fall - Gorillaz and Sweet Disposition cover by Ellie Goulding. 

Wanting......... A new digital camera, but I cannot dicide which brand or which version.

Loving.......... This idea of a tea series.  I dream of my own tea shop own day. :)

Planning...... A trip to a local college to finally enroll in school.  Muster up your courage girl!

All of those teas look so lovely.  Which would you take a sip of?  
I have to say that, even though I'm not a fan of chamomile, "Compassion for Mrs. Bennett's Nerves" looks quite nice.

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Hello Lovelies!
Thanks for taking the time to drop me something pretty.
♥ love
Miss Cris

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